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Custom Designed Wraps for BluStorm Hand Dryers

Customize the look of your restroom!

Make It Your Own
custom BluStorm Hand Dryers
Go Green & Save our Planet

You can also help protect our environment by living a more sustainable lifestyle. We only get one planet so let’s work together to take care of it!

Recycled paper towels create millions of cubic feet of waste in landfills each year. The production of paper is almost twice as energy intensive as the production and use of hand dryers, while also producing greenhouse gases.

Cost Savings

The cost of one person drying their hands with paper towel is equivalent to approximately 100 people drying their hands with the EcoStorm® High Speed Hand Dryer.

The Environmental Impact of Hand Dryers
Planet Earth
Less Co2 Emissions
Gallons of Water Saved
Trees Saved
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